Sundays 1:00-4:00
June 25, July 23, Aug 13, Sept 3, Oct 1, Nov 5,  Dec 3
Santa Fe Community Yoga Center – 826 Camino de Monte Rey
Introductory Discount:
Entrance Fee – $20.
If you want to be considered for a Constellation,
to address a specific concern in your life, the Fee is $120 (includes entrance fee)
Call Elizabeth Rose
Certified Facilitator to reserve a space 505.690.5310

Family Constellation work addresses issues such as depression, anger, insomnia, panic or anxiety attacks, prosperity challenges, divorce residuals, grief, birth preparation, infertility, adoption, diabetes, and other issues. Most challenges are highly responsive to Constellation work and all participants benefit. One does not need to know anything about their ancestry, nor do other family members need to be present. It is both a pleasure and privilege to be embraced in the ancestoral intelligence and lovingkindness of the “healing/knowing field” of Constellations!

“I was honored to be a part of the Constellation circle yesterday. I so respect the way you hold sacred space and facilitate with such wisdom.”
Group participant 6/25/2017

Fee: $140 (generally 1,1/2 hour session)
To make an appointment: Call Elizabeth @ 505.690.5310 or email:

“I had a constellation session this week with Elizabeth Rose, and I am so grateful for her tender caring ways and strong guidance. It’s all sinking in and I feel empowered and not alone. I feel like a puzzle piece fit and everything changed but is the same. I am the product of DNA with real back up. It’s like having solid ground under one’s feet. The rest of the story told.” Private Session Participant June 2016

PRENATAL MASSAGE CERTIFICATION FOR MASSAGE THERAPISTS After 20 years of teaching prenatal massage, Elizabeth Rose is passing the baton onto the evolved heart and hands of Julianna Santillanes, who has trained extensively with Elizabeth.

For Details of Next Certification go to Santa Fe School of Massage (formerly known as Scherer Institute of Natural Healing)


LABOR MASSAGE TUTORIALS FOR PARTNERS (partners are any caretakers who will be at the birth)

For over 30 years researchers have known that “the presence and involvement of partners who touch the women during labor have been significantly correlated with less need for drugs, shorter labor, fewer perinatal problems and more optimal maternal interactions” (Sosa 1980).

In a fun, spirited tutorial (with one or more pairs), Elizabeth Rose teaches mindful hands-on techniques to relieve common pregnancy discomforts and to provide relief, support, and a comforting connection through touch during labor….plus many other ‘tried and true’ natural methods to assist those present at the birth in the co-creation of a peaceful birth for the new baby, with no or minimal intervention and maximum empowerment and joy.


Elizabeth draws from her experience as a bodyworker for 31 years and attendance to over 120 births, both at home and at the hospital.


“Elizabeth Rose offered me the most beautiful training and gift by teaching me how to be the best partner and “father to be” while my son’s mother was in labor. Thanks to her extended skills and deep knowledge, I was able to experience this magic dance with my baby’s mother just by being there with her, centered and in peace. We delivered together our baby in the most sensual, beautiful way.”             Cyril – Father of Quannah, born August, 2013


Cost: One, 3 hour Tutorial – Sliding Scale $125 per partners

Monthly Classes with Elizabeth in Santa Fe! Call to Reserve Your Space. 505.690.5310


“Of all the rights of women,
the greatest is to be a mother.”
Lin Yutang