Offered by Elenya Grafals and Elizabeth Rose


  • Great stress reducer – soothes the nervous system
  • Lessens the effects of edema, sciatica, headaches, muscle cramps and back, foot & joint pain
  • Encourages better sleep; relieves physical & emotional fatigue
  • Prepares her for the deeper letting go of labor
  • Relaxation hormones are released into the blood
  • stream, entering fetal circulation, calming baby & benefiting his/her development

Cost: Sliding Scale  $85 – $135 + tax per session


  • Helps restore body to its pre-pregnancy state
  • Supports the profound emotional, physical and hormonal changes post birth
  • Relieves muscle tension caused by the repetitive motions of carrying the baby and breastfeeding
  • Returns Mom to her family with rejuvenated energy, patience & clarity

Cost: Sliding Scale $85 – $135 + tax per session

Home Visit Massages – $150 + tax

Elenya & Elizabeth also provide Massage for the Whole Family – so you don’t have to be just a Mama to receive excellent bodywork! Dads, Aunties, Grandmothers, Friends will benefit as well.

“During my pregnancy and postpartum, Elenya’s massages worked magic relieving my back and hip pain. She possesses and uncanny ability to pinpoint areas in need of work, and I always ended a massage feeling relaxed, healthier, and with increased awareness of my body and my baby. I highly recommend Elenya for her calming and centering presence and her excellent massage skills.” Patricia Rosen, CNM, CNFP


“Elizabeth Rose is a highly skilled body worker, whose hands transmit benefits to my whole life, through her intuitive and therapeutic attention to the body.  I have come to her in many states, while pregnant as well as with my child. I have arrived stressed, sad, elated, in physical or emotional pain, relaxed, blocked –  in all states of being. Elizabeth always welcomes me and honors me as I am, while holding a vision for me in her work of my highest possibilities. I leave her sacred space reminded of my inherent well-being, and inspired to live at my best.” Leah, Mom of Benjamin