Offered by Elizabeth Rose


What are Family Constellations? It’s often said that it is hard to describe in words, but one way to speak about it is to say that it is a systemic approach to identifying and healing areas of trauma in the “family soul” which can embrace members from several generations back. If one of them has had a particularly difficult fate, the effects of this may continue to arise several generations later. We can carry the fate of others in our lives on an unconscious level where we are “entangled” or “identified” with those who experienced a heavy fate in previous generations. Their burdens become our burdens. Family Constellations allow that which wants to be resolved in the “knowing field” to be seen, so that a deep healing and acknowledgement can be offered to those who came before, releasing us from their burdens. The flow of Love is then beautifully restored to the family soul and we are free to live our lives with the blessings of our ancestors.

As it pertains to “the childbearing year” and the children who are born, this intergenerational transformational work can address sensitive and challenging reproductive issues such as infertility, adoption, miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, birth trauma & complications, early death of a child, as well as childhood challenges and divorce. I have been particularly moved by the use of Family Constellation work with my clients to address intergenerational repeat C-sections and breech presentations. Also, I have been moved by how honoring children who died before they were born, i.e. vanishing twin syndrome, miscarriage and abortion, significantly paves the way for the next generation to be conceived and born without complications.

For others who are not “in the childbearing year” Constellations wisely address such issues as: depression, anger, insomnia, panic or anxiety attacks, prosperity challenges, divorce residuals, grief, birth preparation, infertility, adoption, diabetes, and other issues. Please see the MothersMandala Classes & Events page for details about monthly Constellation Gatherings now through December 2017.

A Few Testimonials

“I am so grateful to Elizabeth Rose for her incredible massage work throughout my pregnancy, and especially for the profoundly healing constellation therapy session we did together the day I went into labor. I had just learned I had Strep B, and I was allergic to the antibiotic they usually give people. I wanted very much to have my baby at our home, and I had been waiting for a test to find out if they could use a different antibiotic. The lab lost the culture and I learned they would not know about the antibiotic until the following week. I was extremely worried and happened to have a massage scheduled with Elizabeth. She offered to do a constellation therapy session with me to prepare for the birth. I experienced a physical feeling of something leaving my body as well as a truly amazing healing of old wounds that I had never accessed. It was incredible, and I went into labor 4 hours later. I felt that the Strep B had literally left me, and I learned after giving birth to a healthy little girl, that in fact, there was no Strep B in the culture anymore. I cannot express my gratitude for this powerful woman performing this incredibly healing work, and I highly recommend it to anyone. Everyone can benefit from this type of deep lineage healing.” Tara, mother of Nila, born March 2014

“Elizabeth Rose’s approach to Family Constellation was very powerful. Her spirituality and natural caring mixed with her knowledge of bodies and energies made my individual session very connective and awakening. I totally felt safe and well supported.”    Cyril, Father of Quannah, born August 2013

“Elizabeth’s heartfelt love shines into her Family Constellation work. She holds the client’s family soul with fine-tuned intuition and profound knowledge. In my Constellation, Elizabeth opened the field beyond the personal, to include archetypal wisdom, surpassing all my expectations. It was a deeply enriching and healing experience.” Hella Neumann, Family Constellation Facilitator